Personal Project

Year: 2019

Personal Goal: This project was a challenge to design a model with a pair of earbuds. The main challenge I put myself up to was to practice my digital visualization skills. I wanted the design the earbuds so they to express modern vibes. They are small with pumped surfaces.


I did a great deal of design research on headphones, history, trends, my style and how people would have preferred it. Then I did a questionnaire to gather different opinions and create my design. Also, I read several books where one of them was of Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity by Ken Segall whith a description of minimalism in the market. I have combined the idea of ​​headset with the idea of ​​wireless earbuds.

Tagline: Sense the pulse of the music.

Stands out: It is smaller in size than regular earbuds , it covers the ear perfectly and has high technology.