University Project

Year: 2017

Redesigning the logo of Cyprus Museum due to transfer in new premises, trying to keep the history but also the touch of the modernity. The story behind the logo design is inspired by the top view drawing of the new building, which was made by a well known Greek architect Theoni Xanthi. The concept behind the logo remake is to keep a complex of simplicity but also solidness that existed during the ancient times and held through time. As we can notice the logo is consisted by three horizontal blocks aligned vertically and surely you can tell that are linked together. Those three blocks symbolise the past, the present and the future. Those three aspects of time are always linked together in order to create history and make sense of it. Taking a step back we realise that we can see the shape of letter M flipped left which stands for museums. In addition flipping our head to left and slightly close our eyes we can see a dove flying which symbolises peace and is also linked into Cypriot history as it is on the logo of the Cyprus Government. The deep blue and white colour selection is directly linked to the clear waters of the island showing the depth of the history we have.